A safe, anti-skid roof walk surface for Metal Roofs

Dec 26, 2017 7:33:42 AM / by Clint Funderburk

Roof walk system on metal roofsMetal Rood Walk way

Roof walk systems are a highly overlooked rooftop product that needs to be discussed more frequently during project planning.  Educating the building owner of a product that can prevent damage to their metal roof investment is in the interest of all involved parties.  Either the architect / specifier can include roof walks on the initial bid documents / drawings, or the metal roof panel / building company can recommend roof walk under their warranty packages, or the roofing contractor can quote roof walk as an add during the bid process.  Design build projects have a greater potential of having a roof walk system included on the project since the contractor and the building owner already have a close working relationship and the benefits can be explained directly.

Anyone who requires roof access to perform periodic maintenance on rooftop mounted a/c units, exhaust fans or any other equipment (satellite dishes, vents, chimneys, etc) can safely walk from the roof access hatch or roof edge on the anti-skid walkway system without fear of accidentally compromising / damaging standing seams or panel ribs. Personnel also has a level of comfort knowing that they are walking on a solid and stable surface and able to maintain a sure footing in lieu of walking on a slippery roof due to inclimate weather or even the morning dew early in the mornings. 


Walkway systems can have a pre-determined layout that guides workers on a path (perpendicular, parallel, and even diagonally to the roof seams) on the building that should keep them away from the edge of the building.  However, if the walkway is required to be located near the roofs edge, the addition of handrail will assist in OSHA regulations.  Handrails can be installed to either the down slope side or both sides of the walk ways and not just at the roofs edge.  Walkways can be leveled on steeper roof slopes.  However, you will now have an unsafe condition with an elevated walkway that the addition of handrail will be required to the down slope side.  Additionally, platforms around access ladders, roof hatches, and roof top products are helpful in safely staging tools or equipment that need to be brought onto the roof.

           Roof Walk Service PlatformMetal Roof Walk Way





Details of the walk ways

Interlocking grating supplied in 12” widths and 20’ lengths are designed to simplify installation and reduce the cost of metal roof walk systems and platforms.  Anti-skid surface is the only option that should be chosen for roof top applications.  The grating is also slotted, which allows water, light, debris, and air to pass through.  Its height strength-to-weight ratio – 18 gauges, 2 ½” leg height – makes it ideal for covering large, light-traffic areas. Its snap-together friction fit make it easy to install with no welding or bolting required.  Made of pre-galvanized steel or aluminum finish, walk ways are maintenance-free and long lasting.  The anti-skid surface meets a wide variety of application needs.  When attaching to standing seam metal roof panels, the attachment method is just as important as the grating.  A non-penetrating clamp maufactured by S-5!for securing the roof walks to the panel seams should be the only attachment method used.  This insures the metal roof’s integrity is not compromised.  Attaching to exposed fastener, “R” panel roofs is achieved with support plates, neoprene washer head / self tapping screws, and sealant tape that is applied under each support plate.  Attachment points to the high ribs of the “R” panel roof helps insure a water tight installation.


Key Features 

  • None penetrating, mechanically attached on standing seam metal roofs
  • Optional design for exposed fastener metal roofs
  • Creates a safe, anti-skid walkway
  • Protects the roof from foot traffic
  • Weather resistant using either galvanized or aluminum finish
  • Attach to all metal roof profiles
  • Uses support plates for parallel applications
  • Extra-wide 12” interlocking planks

Additional Roof Walk Information 

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