How to save your roof vents and more

Jan 9, 2018 2:02:00 PM / by Aaron Combs

A damaged vent pipe or flue stack can prove to be very costly

but can be easily prevented. 

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When building a new structure or re-roofing an existing, deciding on what type of roofing material is crucial. Over the years, the use of metal roofs has continued to gain popularity.  This is primarily due to its life expectancy & low maintenance.



Snow damaged vent stack


Often there are a few essential items left off when a metal roof is first installed in areas that receive snow & ice. They are the proper selection and installation of a snow retention system and roof penetration protection.


Snow Damaged Flue Stack






Sometimes this is overlooked because of lack of knowledge and sometimes it can be a financial decision.  




The installation of a snow retention system can save the building owner from costly damage caused by sliding snow and ice.  Avalanching snow and sliding ice can destroy gutter, lighting, landscaping, vehicles and pedestrians alike.Damaged Building caused by snow slide Click here to read more about Snow Retention Systems


Another key item commonly over looked is protecting through roof penetration like flue stacks & vent pipes.  A vent pipe or flue that breaks and/or collapses due to heavy snow accumulation or sliding snow/ice can cause substantial damage to a facility.  From not allowing toxic gases to escape, to water intrusion and very costly interior damages. It could even be as severe as stopping production in a working facility.   

 LMCurbs Snow Diverter


The use of Snow Diverters to protect Vent Pipes and Flue stacks could cost less than $100 but the cost of repairs will prove to be far greater.

There are several systems on the market these days. Systems that screw down through the roof panels, and systems that utilize the superior strength and quality of S-5! roof clamps. On exposed fastener roofs, it only makes sense to fasten through the roof panel into secure substrate. However, why would you want to drill un-necessary holes into standing seam roof panels? 

An LMCurbs Snow Diverter combined with S-5! utility clamps offer a superior solution to protecting through roof penetrations and many other roof accessories.  

Click on the pictrue below for more information about the LMCurbs Snow Diverter



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Aaron Combs

Written by Aaron Combs